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Balakrishna Aale

MEV student

Skills Acquired at Skill-Lync :

  • HEV


Future is Electric . I am very interested in automobiles, so this may be the one wonderful platform for me to grab the information about the EV vehicle. An electrical student with a passion for EVs and battery technology, seeking to work on leading technology projects and add value through my technical and managerial expertise. Pursuing a position in the automotive industry in which I can utilize and build upon my current knowledge of modern automotive manufacturing and engineering.

19 Projects

Week -2


Make a Simulink model of Doorbell using solenoid block with the following details:   In the above arrangement, when the switch is closed the electromagnet receives electrical power from the battery and pulls the metal arm to hit the bell producing sound.  Create a situation where the switch is closed…

09 Mar 2021 07:31 AM IST

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    Week - 4


    Implement control logic of a “washing machine” using Stateflow as per given sequence:  If the power supply is available, the system gets activated  If the Water supply is not available, stop the process & indicate through LED Soaking time should be 200s followed by Washing time of 100s. Then rinsing…

    12 Mar 2021 12:00 PM IST

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       AIM:         To study and observe the content of the main elements of ATV model with continously variable transmission(CVT) in open loop conditions and in closed loop conditions using lookup table.                          …

      15 Mar 2021 01:23 PM IST

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        Week-3 Challenge: ADVISOR Tool


        1.   For EV_defaults_in file, if cargo mass is 500 kg with all other default conditions, can the vehicle travel for 45 km with FTP drive cycle? Conclude your observations.   2.   In the above case, try changing the battery capacity and repeat the simulation.   3.   Perform gradeability test with PRIUS_Jpn_defaults_in file…

        24 Mar 2021 11:54 AM IST

        • MATLAB
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        Week-4 Challenge WOT Condition Part-2


        What is the difference between mapped and dynamic model of engine, motor and generator? How can you change model type?  How does the model calculate miles per gallon? Which factors are considered to model fuel flow?  Run the HEV ReferenceApplication with WOT drive cycle. Change the grade and wind velocity in…

        26 Mar 2021 05:14 PM IST

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        Week-6 Challenge: EV Drivetrain


          1.  Which types of power converter circuits are employed in electric and hybrid electric vehicle?    2.  An Electric Vehicle's powertrain with 72V battery pack in shown in the diagram below. The duty ratio for acceleration operation is 'd1' and for the braking operation the duty ratio…

        06 Apr 2021 10:14 AM IST

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        Week-7 Challenge: DC Motor Control


           Run MATLAB demo ‘Speed control of a DC motor using BJT H-bridge’. Modify the model such that armature current doesn’t shoot up when motor changes direction from forward to reverse.  Refer to help section of ‘The Four-Quadrant Chopper DC Drive (DC7) block’. Compare it with…

        09 Apr 2021 01:10 PM IST

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        Week-11 Challenge: Braking


              For a defined driving cycle, calculate the energy required for braking. Why electric motor can’t develop braking torque at high speed similar to starting? How electric and mechanical brakes are coordinated?  Make a MATLAB program which plots contour of given motor speed, torque…

        20 Apr 2021 09:59 AM IST

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        Project-1: Powertrain for aircraft in runways


        Part A: 1. Search and list out the total weight of various types of aircrafts.  2. Is there any difference between ground speed and air speed? 3. Why is it not recommended to use aircraft engine power to move it on the ground at Airport?  4. How an aircraft is pushed to runway when its ready to take off? 5. Learn about…

        25 Apr 2021 04:50 AM IST

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        Final Project: Design of an Electric Vehicle


        AIM:- To create a MATLAB model of electric car which uses a battery and a DC motor. Choose suitable blocks from the Powertrain block set. Prepare a report about your model including following: Objectives:  System level configurations Model parameters Results Conclusion Introduction:- ELECTRIC VEHICLE:- An electric vehicle…

        03 Jun 2021 10:26 AM IST

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        Final Project: Electric Rickshaw modelling


        AIM: To design a matlab model of an  electric rickshaw (three wheel passenger vehicle) OBJECTIVES: Rear wheels driven by PM brushed type motor Assume efficiency points of motor controller and motor Make an excel sheet of all input and assumed data  EXPLANATION AND MODELLING:  Electric Rickshaw  Electric…

        15 Jul 2021 11:58 AM IST

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        Project-1: Modelling an electric Car with Li-ion battery


        Create a MATLAB model of electric car which uses lithium ion battery and suitable motor. Choose suitable blocks from Simscape or Powertrain block set. Implement the vehicle speed control using PI controller and generate brake and accelerator commands. Avoid using readymade driver block for speed control. Prepare a report…

        17 Jul 2021 06:20 AM IST

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        Week 1 Understanding Different Battery Chemistry


        1.Prepare a table which includes materials & chemical reactions occurring at the anode and cathode of LCO, LMO, NCA, NMC, LFP and LTO type of lithium ion cells.Give your detailed explanation on it 2.Compare the differences between each type of Li+ion batteries based on their characteristics        …

        22 Jul 2021 11:25 AM IST

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          Week 7 State of charge estimation


            1.Simulate the 3 test cases from harness dashboard and write a detailed report on the results 2.What is coulomb counting? Refer to the above model and explain how BMS implements coulomb counting for SOC estimation ?                           …

          02 Sep 2021 12:14 PM IST

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            Project 1 Mechanical design of battery pack


            To prepare a detailed battery pack of 18kWh capacity with ANR26650M1-B cell.   LithiumWerks ANR26650M1-B, 3.3 Volt, 2.5Ah, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery    Lithium Ion cell, Nanophosphate® (LiFePO4) Technology (Formerly A123 Systems)     Manufacturer:  LithiumWerks…

            08 Sep 2021 07:14 AM IST

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            Project 2 Thermal modeling of battery pack


             For a 10 cell series lithium ion battery model, simulate the thermal effects and compare life cycle performance at various temperatures, charge & discharge rates using MATLAB.                                                                            ANSWER   Battery (Table-Based) Tabulated battery model expand all in…

            13 Sep 2021 10:38 AM IST

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            Project 1 (Mini Project on Vehicle Direction Detection


                Mini Project - Vehicle Direction Determination General Overview: Identifying the direction of the vehicle is one of the important & diverse features in Autonomous driving & Advanced Driver Assistance Features. This particular sub-feature of identifying the direction of vehicle is basically identifying…

            06 Oct 2021 03:32 PM IST

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            Project 1- Traffic Jam Assistant Feature


                Traffic Jam Assistant Feature Introduction to the Feature: Traffic Jam Assistant is one of the most common feature in Advanced Driver Assistance System. Traffic Jam Assistant helps the driver arrive more relaxed at their destination, even in dense traffic or in traffic jams. As a partially automated comfort…

            18 Oct 2021 05:21 AM IST

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            Project 2-Highway Assistant-Lane Changing Assistant


              Highway Assistant – Lane Changing Assistant Introduction to the Feature: The Highway Assistant supports the driver and takes over the longitudinal and lateral guidance of the vehicle in monotonous driving situations on highways. The partially automated function can automatically start, accelerate, brake as…

            27 Oct 2021 11:57 AM IST

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            6 Course Certificates

            Introduction to Physical Modeling using Simscape

            Certificate UID: y4nipw897f1eqza5
            View Certificate

            Introduction to Hybrid Electric Vehicle using MATLAB and Simulink

            Certificate UID: gtq03fxhuikaw5sb
            View Certificate

            Introduction to Control of Electric Vehicle

            Certificate UID: jakun31bhqpgmxce
            View Certificate

            Introduction to Battery Technology for Electric Vehicle

            Certificate UID: 436ohrdfl85vpye1
            View Certificate

            Introduction to Model-Based Development using MATLAB and Simulink

            Certificate UID: qdyrkvij61zf7e9m
            View Certificate

            Introduction to Automotive Embedded Systems and AUTOSAR

            Certificate UID: di2gfuxmqs10t57n
            View Certificate
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            1 Workshop Certificates

            Simulation Tool and DataSet used for Autonomous Driving Research

            Certificate UID: poi61usy9k
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            Showing 1 of 1 certificates

            Academic Qualification


            Institute of Aeronautical Engineering

            03 Aug 2016 - 16 May 2020


            Fathers Model High School

            20 Jun 2013 - 11 Apr 2014

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