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RADIOSS Projects

Assignment 5-RADIOSS Interfaces & Study of Effect of Notches Challenge
AIM: To study the RADIOSS Interfaces and the effect of notches using Hypermesh, Hyperview and Hypergraph 2D. OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT: To create mesh for bumper assembly, mesh element size is 6mm. To apply and study the different cases for the crash tube model. To study the effect of notches on the crash tube. To plot…
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Aim:  To perform Batch meshing on Hood and Fender components under specified quality criteria and assign non-linear material property.Objective: Assign material and property cards to the components.Given Quality CriteriaTarget Element Length = 5mmProcedure:Hood:1) Before working on the model first create…
Questions: 1. Check the material properties of the rail component and calculate the speed of sound in steel rail. 2. The length of the rail is about 1000 mm. calculate the time takes for a shock wave to travel from one end of the rail to the other. 3. Time for sound to travel length of rail. 4. Edit the engine file so…
AIM: To run crash analysis on the given model by applying different materials laws available in Radioss and post-process the results Objective: To carry out simulations of the given starter files and compare the results. There shall be 7 cases (according to given parameters) and they are to be compared primarily via animations…
Recommended properties: Parameters                       Comment Ishell =24                           …

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Assignment 4-RADIOSS Material Laws Challenge  Objectives: - Run the given model with different material parameters and compare all the cases. Materials: - The overview of the materials in the RADIOSS library can be classified as shown below:  We will have a look at the following material laws: Law 1 – Elastic…

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