Virtual Product Development using FEA MBD CFD MATLAB

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Skills that you will learn


Structural Analysis

Learn how to analyze a product's integrity by employing different analysis techniques.


Multi-body Dynamics

Learn how to simulate the dynamic performance of systems using Multi-body dynamics.


Flow Simulation

Learn how to simulate fluid flow through systems.


Computer Programming

Learn how to use programming to solve real-life mechanical engineering problems.


Top 5% of the class will get a merit certificate. Course completion certificate will be provided to all students who complete the course. You will receive both e-verified and hard copy of your certificates


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Structural Analysis


Introduction to Finite Element Analysis

In this module, we will teach you the basics of FEA and the math behind it. You will side by side create simplified CAD models and prepare them for FEA analysis.


Static and Dynamic Fatigue Analysis

In this module, you will learn to perform design optimization based on the results that you obtain from the stress analysis.


One of the key aspects of any CAE simulation is to perform grid dependence test. You will learn how to approach grid dependence test from a fundamental viewpoint.



Understanding contacts, meshing requirements

Realistic mechanisms have a lot of parts that interact with each other. Understanding how stress behaves at these interaction points can help us determine the life of the mechanism using Fatigue Analysis technique. You will be able to apply these concepts to analyze systems like Universal Couplings.



Multi-body dynamics simulation


Introduction to Multi-Body Dynamics

In this module, you will learn the basics of multi-body dynamics and why it is used in the industry. Here, we will cover some use cases to demonstrate the power of this tool.


Robotic Arm Simulation

While designing robotic arms, you need to worry about

  • Motor torque requirements
  • Repeatability



Cam motion analysis

To estimate valve shape profile, you can set up an MBD simulation to determine how the valves open and close. This result can then be used by a CFD simulation tool to run flow analysis.


Foot pedal mechanism design project

The objective here is to design a bin with a foot pedal. You will design the mechanism and evaluate the force required to open the bin.



Flow Simulation


CFD using SolidWorks Flow Simulation

In this course, you will learn how to use SolidWorks to simulate flow through systems. This course offers a gentle introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics and is a great way to get into this field without worrying too much about messy mathematics and numerics.


Steady State Simulation of a pipe flow

  • Simulating flow through a pipe is a classical CFD problem. It offers insight on the various inputs that go into running a CFD simulation.
  • Grid dependency test
  • Introduction to parametric studies



Transient simulation of flow over a cylinder

  • In this module, you will simulate flow over a 3D cylinder.
  • You will capture vortex shedding and perform a grid dependency test.

Flow over a backward facing step

  • Model and simulate flow through a backward facing sweep
  • Study the effect of Reynolds number on the recirculation zone length
  • Grid dependency test

Flow over an airfoil

Simulate the flow over a 2D NACA airfoil and calculate the drag and lift forces for the various angle of attacks.


Flow over an IC Engine Valve

  • Perform transient analysis at different valve lifts
  • Create a plot of lift vs. mass flow rate

Flow through a simple centrifugal pump

  • Use the MRF approach to simulate flow through a Centrifugal pump
  • Pump performance curve


Course conclusion and future steps

  • How to improve your knowledge in CFD
  • Future courses that you can take



Computer Programming using MATLAB


Introduction to MATLAB

We will give you an introduction to MATLAB and Python and teach the basics of it by using a top-down approach. That is, we will start directly by solving problems and stop in the required places to teach you the fundamentals of programming.


Forward Kinematics Simulator

In this module, you will write programs to simulate a 2R Robotic Arm Manipulator.

  • You will animate the manipulator motion using ImageMagick

Air Standard Cycle Simulator

In this module, you will write code to simulate an Air Standard Cycle.

  • Your code will solve the piston kinematics equation to calculate the volume trace
  • Your code will create PV diagrams for different operating conditions


Vibrations and Dynamics

Most mechanical engineering devices are dynamic in nature. Understanding the effect of forces on the product motion is of utmost importance. The equations of motions for these systems form a set of Ordinary Differential Equations.

  • Implement BDF and FDF methods to solve ODEs


Curve fitting and regression

An engineer needs to understand the dependence between a system output and input. Curve fits are a great tool to do this. In this module, you will learn how to perform curve fits with Python.


Genetic Algorithm

Genetic Algorithm is a procedure to optimize multi-parameter systems. It is used to optimize different types of systems and processes.


File parsing | NASA thermodynamic property calculations

This will be your final project. You will write code to read a NASA-II polynomial file and calculate thermodynamic parameters.


Course timings

You can literally start this class today. 

The course is a combination of recorded classes and support. 

  • Each week, you will get a set of videos that you need to watch
  • As you watch the videos, work on challenges
  • If you have questions, attend our online offfice hours