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Multithreading in Java simplified

Who can attend? : For CS/IT, Circuit branch (EEE/ECE/TCE/E&I)

Workshop Domain : CSE

To be held on : 18 Mar 23 02:30 am IST

Workshop starts in:










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About the Workshop

Agenda of the Webinar:

- Theoretical session
- Hands-on with Java 8 and Eclipse
- Q&A session
- Career Counselling session

Tools Used: Java 8 and Eclipse

Learning Outcomes of the Webinar:

  • Ability to write concurrent programs: A key learning outcome of multithreading in Java is writing concurrent programs that can perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Learners will understand how to create threads, synchronize data between them, and manage their lifecycles.
  • Understanding of Java's Thread API: Multithreading in Java involves working with the Thread API, which provides a rich set of features for creating, managing, and synchronizing threads. Learners will become familiar with the various methods and classes available in the API and learn how to use them effectively.
  • Improved application performance: Multithreading in Java can help improve the performance of applications by utilizing available CPU resources more efficiently. Learners will learn to use threads to execute tasks in parallel and avoid unnecessary blocking and waiting.
  • Handling of shared data: Multithreading in Java requires understanding how to handle shared data and avoid race conditions, which can occur when multiple threads access the same data concurrently. Learners will learn to use synchronization constructs like locks and semaphores to ensure thread safety.
  • Enhanced debugging skills: Multithreading in Java can be challenging, as multiple threads can execute simultaneously and create complex interactions. Learners will develop enhanced debugging skills as they learn to identify and fix issues like deadlocks, livelocks, and race conditions that can occur in multithreaded programs.

About the Instructor:

  • Bhupendra has over 12 years of development experience in the FinTech and TelCom domains. He is a FullStack Engineer and has developed many scalable and robust applications. He has given technical presentations at many conferences in popular institutions such as IISc Bangalore. He completed BE from Govt. Engineering College Bilaspur, CG. Apart from teaching, he is passionate about physics and poetry.

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