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About this program

The Masters in Computer-Aided Engineering program is a 12 month long, intensive program. The program comprises of 6 courses that train you on all the essential engineering concepts and tools that are essential to get into top OEMs. as a CAE Engineer.


1. Ultimate SolidWorks Course
2. Crashworthiness Analysis using HyperMesh & Radioss
3. Advanced CFD Using ANSYS Fluent
4. Advanced Structural Analysis - FEA Using ANSYS Workbench
5. Advanced CFD Meshing & Preprocessing using ANSA
6. Python For Mechanical Engineers

Program Overview

You can literally start this program today. 

This program contains 6 courses.
For each course... 

  • Each week, you will get a set of videos that you need to watch
  • As you watch the videos, work on challenges
  • If you have questions, attend our online office hours
  • Once you finish one course, you will move on to the next course

Courses in the CAE Master Program

6 Courses

Course 1. Ultimate SolidWorks Course

Learn SolidWorks from an expert. Build an American Chopper & Yacht. Photorealistically render the models using PhotoView 360.

1. Hand Sketch a Harley Davidson Bike using Photoshop
2. 3D Model your Harley Davidson Bike using SolidWorks
3. Surface Design a Yacht

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Course 2. Crashworthiness Analysis

Work on HyperMesh, HyperView, HyperCrash & Radioss. Learn about Crash standards. Perform Realistic Crash analysis on car models

1. Contact Modelling between a Car & a Rigid Wall
2. Side Impact Analysis
3. Full Frontal Impact Crash Analysis

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Course 3. ADVANCED CFD Using ANSYS Fluent

Explore Meshing Strategies. Work on Laminar & Turbulent Flows. Learn Discrete Phase Modelling. Perform Conjugate Heat Transfer

1. Wind Tunnel Simulation of Ahmed Body
2. Wind Tunnel Test of an F1 Car
3. Performance Characteristics of Heat Exchangers
4. Fluid Sloshing inside Fuel Tank - VOF Method
5. Exhaust Port Heating

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Course 4. Advanced Structural Analysis Using ANSYS WORKBENCH

Understand the basics of FEA. Perform 12 Structural Analysis Simulations. 

1. Tension & Torsion Test
2. Universal Joint Analysis. 
3. Bullet Penetrating bucket
4. Bending Test on iPhone
5. Machining with Planer

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Course 5. Python For Mechanical Engineers 

Python is the most powerful language. Learn to use Coding to solve Mechanical Engineering Problems. 

1. Forward Kinematics Simulator
2. Air Standard Cycle Simulator
3. Curve Fitting & Regression

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Course 6. Advanced CFD Meshing & Preprocessing using ANSA

ANSA is an advanced pre-processing tool that helps engineers setup the simulations until the solving process. It is widely used in the industry for a wide range of CAE applications. Learning ANSA by working on industry relevant projects will boost your profile significantly. Each week, you get a set of pre-recorded content. Along with this, you get simple assignments, intermediary projects, and tool-tests. By the end of 12 weeks, you will be job-ready!

Course Project: Topology and Surface preparation of a Disc Brake System using ANSA

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After completion of the program, you will receive 6 Course Completion Certificates for 6 Courses & a Certificate of Achievement for the Completion of the Program.

Modes of Support

We offer 6 modes of support through which you can contact the instructor and the support engineers to clear your doubts & questions.

Live Support Sessions

Every week, there will be 3 suport sessions where you can interact one-on-one with the instructor to clear your doubts.

WhatsApp Groups

You will be in a WhatsApp Group along with the course instructor & support engineers where you can post your questions.

Forum Pages

We have a very vibrant course forum where you can find the answers to the most of your doubts.

Ticketing Systems

You can also send us your questions through mail where a ticket will be created and your questions will be answered shortly within few hours.

On-Call Support 

In case, you want to clear any doubts immediately, you can always call our support engineers & they will be happy to assist you,

Online Chat Support

You can connect to us anytime with our all-time chat support. You can explain your doubts. We will help you right away through call or live session.

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