Advanced CFD Meshing using ANSA

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Here are a few projects that you will be working on

Turbocharger Assembly

In this project, you will work on topology cleanup of a turbocharger assembly. You will learn how to split the compressor side and the turbine side. You will then assign separate Property ID's to get a finer mesh control

Disc brake Meshing

In this project, you will cleanup and create the mesh for a disc brake system. Disc brake geometries can be quite complex. You will gain the ability to group parts and apply individual mesh settings to get an overall high quality mesh.

Car Interior Meshing

In this project, you will work on meshing the interior cabin of a Lexus look-alike model. The geomety is quite complex and you will 

Suspension topology fix

In this project, you will cleanup and mesh various components of a front suspension system. You will employ material sets to assign material properties.

A-Z in Surface Wrapping

In this project, you will wrap a highly "dirty" CAD model using Surface wrapping (also called "Shrink wrap"). This technique is widely used to get an approximate mesh of a complex model in a very short time.

Mesh for External Flows

In this project, you will mesh an entire wind tunnel. You will learn how to create symmetry boundaries and create Property ID's for each and every relevant surface.

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What are tool-tests?

When you interview for a CAE role, you will be asked to work on semi-detailed components/parts. The interviewer's intention is to evaluate your thinking process and understand how well your thoughts and tool expertise are connected. In this course, you will working on 3-4 tool-tests to cultivate this habit. The tool-tests are timed and you will not be given any prior information about the geometry

Course Syllabus

Industry relevant Curriculum

ANSA is an advanced pre-processing tool that helps engineers setup the simulations up untill the solving process. It is widely used in the industry for a wide range of CAE applications. Learning ANSA by working on industy relevant projects will boost your profile significantly.

Course Proejct: Toplogy and Surface prepartion of a Disc Brake System using ANSA

Each week, you get a set of pre-recorded content. Along with this, you get simple assignments, intermediary projects and tool-tests. By the end of 12 weeks, you will be job ready!

A brief introduction to structure of ANSA, getting to know its GUI, followed by detailed view of menu bars, icons, module buttons, visibility buttons, features, etc., and some of its functions.

Exploring buttons and its functions available under TOPO module in ANSA. At the end of this session
  • You will become familiar with module buttons
  • Different surface editing, recovering functions
  • Creation of references on working geometry

Getting to know the surface mesh and different buttons available under respective Module. At the end of this session, you will be capable of
  • Surface mesh creation with different mesh generation techniques
  • Mesh editing, regenerating, reconstructing techniques
  • Working on elements, warping, volume formations basics
  • Exploring mesh parameters and its impacts on surface mesh
  • Learning how to Create and assign a Batch Mesh on geometry
  • Introduction to various mesh quality criteria and assigning values to them.
  • Clearing quality criteria on a surface mesh using various techniques.
  • Part creation, editing, grouping, moving techniques
  • Assigning properties, materials, creating sets
  • Mastering various isolation techniques, cut sections views, measuring methods.
  • Learn to move, copy, creating links between parts.
  • Learning Transform, Translate, Symmetry, Rotation techniques.
  • Learning how to perform a Geometry check ensuring creation of water tight volume.
  • Performing surface mesh checks to clear proximities, penetrations, bounds, etc.,
  • Creating a complete check manager plist file and execution.
  • Performing Auto-manual Detection of volumes
  • Assigning PIDs to volumes and creating volumes list
  • Volume mesh generation methods structured and unstructured

Download Detailed Course Syllabus and Information

info. will be sent in 24 hours. Check promotions folder