Advanced CFD Meshing using ANSA

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ANSA is a computer-aided engineering tool for Finite Element Analysis and CFD Analysis widely used in the automotive industry. It is developed by BETA CAE Systems


Amazing Industry relevant projects and tool-tests

Turbocharger Assembly

In this project, you will work on topology cleanup of a turbocharger assembly. You will learn how to split the compressor side and the turbine side. You will then assign separate Property ID's to get a finer mesh control

Disc brake Meshing

In this project, you will cleanup and create the mesh for a disc brake system. Disc brake geometries can be quite complex. You will gain the ability to group parts and apply individual mesh settings to get an overall high quality mesh.

Car Interior Meshing

In this project, you will work on meshing the interior cabin of a Lexus look-alike model. The geomety is quite complex, you will learn how to create a water-tight model and mesh it.

Suspension topology fix

In this project, you will cleanup and mesh various components of a front suspension system. You will employ material sets to assign material properties.

A-Z in Surface Wrapping

In this project, you will wrap a highly "dirty" CAD model using Surface wrapping (also called "Shrink wrap"). This technique is widely used to get an approximate mesh of a complex model in a very short time.

Mesh for External Flows

In this project, you will mesh an entire wind tunnel. You will learn how to create symmetry boundaries and create Property ID's for each and every relevant surface.

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Course Syllabus

Industry relevant Curriculum

ANSA is an advanced pre-processing tool that helps engineers setup the simulations up until the solving process. It is widely used in the industry for a wide range of CAE applications. Learning ANSA by working on industry relevant projects will boost your profile significantly.

Course Project: Topology and Surface preparation of a Disc Brake System using ANSA

Each week, you get a set of pre-recorded content. Along with this, you get simple assignments, intermediary projects and tool-tests. By the end of 12 weeks, you will be job ready!

Week 1 - Introduction to ANSA

A brief introduction to structure of ANSA, getting to know its GUI, followed by detailed view of menu bars, icons, module buttons, visibility buttons, features, etc., and some of its functions.

  • In this particular protect you will be working on to design the inner panel of a hood, according to euroncap standards and make sure that the part is manufacturable.
  • You will provide all the necessary reinforcements at the necessary regions and join the outer and inner panel using the proper joining methods.
  • You will also make sure that all the manufacturing requirements are being satisfied for all the cad part that you design.

Week 1 -5  - Working with TOPOLOGY

Exploring buttons and its functions available under TOPO module in ANSA. At the end of this session

  • You will become familiar with module buttons
  • Different surface editing, recovering functions
  • Creation of references on working geometry

Week 3-8  - Working with Surface Mesh

Getting to know the surface mesh and different buttons available under respective Module. At the end of this session, you will be capable of

  • Surface mesh creation with different mesh generation techniques
  • Mesh editing, regenerating, reconstructing techniques
  • Working on elements, warping, volume formations basics

Week 4-6  - Introduction to BATCH Mesh, Mesh Parameters and Quality Criteria

  • Exploring mesh parameters and its impacts on surface mesh
  • Learning how to Create and assign a Batch Mesh on geometry
  • Introduction to various mesh quality criteria and assigning values to them.
  • Clearing quality criteria on a surface mesh using various techniques.

Week 5-7  - Working with Part Manager, Properties and Material sets

  • Part creation, editing, grouping, moving techniques
  • Assigning properties, materials, creating sets

Week 6-12 - Detailed study of utilities

  • Mastering various isolation techniques, cut sections views, measuring methods.
  • Learn to move, copy, creating links between parts.
  • Learning Transform, Translate, Symmetry, Rotation techniques.

Week 7-12 - Introduction to Checks Manager

  • Learning how to perform a Geometry check ensuring creation of water tight volume.
  • Performing surface mesh checks to clear proximities, penetrations, bounds, etc.
  • Creating a complete check manager plist file and execution.

Week 8-12 - Introduction to Volume Meshing

  • Performing Auto-manual Detection of volumes
  • Assigning PIDs to volumes and creating volumes list
  • Volume mesh generation methods structured and unstructured

Who can take this course?

Undergraduate Students and Working Professionals

If you have completed at least 2 semesters of undergraduate education in the following majors, then this course will be highly useful for you.

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering

Student Testimonials

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Amazing course content. Genuine efforts by the instructor and entire organisation to help educate students. I'll definitely recommended this course for Mechanical Engineers.

Raj Mehta

I had a good experience joinig the course here. Mentors are friendly and they clear the doubts very well. In my experience during the course i learnt a lot of new concepts

Raj Dave

The quality of teaching and the approach was really nice. And their support team always ready 24*7 to help us in solving our problems.

Jitin Jami


1 . How will the instructor teach?

Our instructors are industrial experts working in Fortune 500 companies. We partner with them to deliver the lectures online. You will be given access to recorded content and assignments each week.

2 . Are there any prerequisites for this course?

You should be pursuing B.E/B.Tech in Mechanical, Aerospace, Automotive, Production or Manufacturing

3. What kind of support I can expect?

Our support system is amazing!. You can read our reviews on Google to see this. We focus on one-on-one support which no one else does. We will communicate with you through WhatsApp messages/calls, individual online sessions and also in person.

4.  Will software be provided?

We do not provide the software for this course. You can download the Academic Version of ANSA from their website.

5 . How can I use the letter of recommendation?

You can use it for job search and higher education. Recommendation letters are given only for candidates that have performed extremely well.