Advanced CFD using ANSYS FLUENT

Course Price: Rs. 30,000 (6 month EMI available)

Course syllabus


Introduction to CFD

In this module, you will understand what is CFD and its uses. After your first class, you will be able to understand, in a basic level, the

  • Governing equations of fluid motion
  • Numerical Discretization
  • The term fluid solver
  • Boundary conditions
  • Post processing

Once we do this, we will have a rigorous approach to learn MATLAB/Octave


Simulating laminar and turbulent flows in Ansys Fluent

In this module, the focus is to simulate basic compressible and incompressible flows using Ansys Fluent. You will be getting hands on experience in

  • Geometry creation
  • Meshing
  • Boundary and Initial conidition calculation
  • Setting up solution algorithms
  • Solving and post processing

Exploring Meshing strategies

Meshing is an important component in CFD analysis. Improper meshing can lead to bad results. Ih this module, you will learn the different meshing techniques that Ansys offers


Discrete Phase Modelling

In this module, you will learn how to simulate fuel sprays and the theory behind lagrangian spray modelling


Conjugat Heat Transfer

In this module, you will learn how to simulate solid side heat transfer along with the fluid flow.


Basic reacting flows

In this module, you will learn how to simulate reacting flows using Ansys Fluent. This includes combustion applications.


Reference books

  1. Computational Fluid Dynamics - The Basics with Applications (first 7 chapters.
  2. Advanced Engineering Mathematics - Erwin Kreyszig (Reference)

Skills that you will learn



Industry standard Computational Fluid Dynamics Package




Industry standard CAD Package for simulations





Top 5% of the class will get a merit certificate. Course completion certificate will be provided to all students who complete the course. You will receive both e-verified and hard copy of your certificates


Job Opportunities


Companies in India that look for similar Skill Sets

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Who can take this course

BE and BTech Students

  • Students who know the theory behing CFD and want to implement the concepts
  • Students who know how to use Ansys fluent or Start CCM but do not understand how it actually works

M-Tech Students

  • Students who are pursuing MTech in a "Non-CFD" field and want to increase their profile by learning how to code CFD


  • Anyone who wants to learn CFD basics and Matlab programming

Instructor profile


Sarangarajan Vijayraghavan Iyengar

Sarang has over 7+ years experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Combustion. His core area of expertise includes:

  • IC Engine CFD and Combustion
  • External aerodynamics and internal flow simulations
  • Numerical analysis and Programming