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Piping Stress analysis of Straight pipe (Simple Problem).

In this project, you will be modeling a simple straight pipe and analyze the same using different piping design codes (ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, and EN-13480) and using different pipe materials such as carbon steel, alloy steel.

The objective of this project is to understand what will happen if a pipe is fixed on one side, what if the same piping configuration is fixed on two sides, how pipe supports plays a major role in limiting stress, what is the significance of a flexible type support, how to resolve a pipe stress failure and what to do if support nodes are with huge loads.

Analysis of a Pump Piping.

In this project, you will be modeling and analyzing a pump piping layout. The system will include a typical suction and discharge layout of pump piping. You will be modeling a pump piping layout. Preferred supporting arrangements for a pup piping. Preparation of load cases. How to evaluate loads exerted on the pump by the piping system.

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Course Syllabus

A Piping system is used to carry fluid from a source point to a destination point. We come across a lot of piping systems in our day to day life right from plumbing/sewer piping system at home and offices to larger water distribution pipeline network, gas distribution pipelines for a big city. Have we ever thought of the engineering behind the design of these piping systems? Is it really required to engineer a piping system?

A piping layout is simulated in a software package and they are adequately supported in order to distribute the loads evenly and is analysed for various conditions. The various operating conditions exert some loads on the piping system/source and destination equipment. In order to have a safe operation and longer life of a piping system/plant (power plant, petroleum refinery plants etc.) these loads must be within limits. A piping stress analyst must ensure that the piping is designed for a safe and reliable operation.

Having got an idea of the role of a piping stress analyst, let’s put some effort to know more of piping stress analysis.

  • Cost savings from virtual crash test analysis
    • Stress
    • Strain
    • Poisons ratio
    • Modulus of elasticity
    • Theories of failure
  • Classification of a piping system based on criticality, Size, Operating temperature, Type of insulation.
  • Different industrial piping codes and other standards. Requirements of these codes for piping stress design.
  • Various commercial software packages to carry out a piping stress analysis.
  • Why CASESAR II? Capabilities of CAESAR II.
  • How to model a physical piping layout using CAESAR II. Options to import a physical model using interfaces.
  • Essential shortcuts and various menu options to operate CAESAR II effectively.
  • Identify the potential loads that the piping system would encounter during the life of the plant.
  • Simulation of these loads as boundary conditions for the piping system.
  • How to error check the model and rectify the errors if any.
  • Run the analysis and evaluate the results.
  • How to document the results of the software (Report generation)

Course Outcome

At the end of this course module, students will be aware of industrial problems related to a piping system, the role of a piping stress analysis engineer to encounter the issues, Introduction to industrial piping codes and standards, Collection of inputs required for performing a stress analysis, perform stress analysis, document stress analysis report, Types of pipe supports, Introduction to piping materials, Units used for piping stress analysis, Introduction to various pipe fittings, Difference between a static analysis and a dynamic analysis.

    Job Opportunities

    Piping industry is a vast industry which has a numerous job opening across India and abroad. Requirement of piping/pipe line design engineer is for various industries such as power industry, oil and gas industry, process industries such as dairy, pharma, food and beverage industry, cement plants, distillery etc, LNG plants, Nuclear power plants. Apart from industrial requirement there are piping engineer requirements for research institutes/projects also. As a fresher/minimum experienced engineer, the possibility to get a job abroad is quite difficult. But having worked for about 10 years and having built a strong domain knowledge, the possibility of across globe is possible. In India a fresher as a piping engineer gets a minimum salary of Rs.10,000/- per month (In small engineering consultants/EPC companies) to a maximum of 45,000/- per month (In dream companies such as L&T, GE etc) with an average salary of Rs. 20,000/- a month.

    Companies which require Piping/Piping stress engineers

    • Larsen and Toubro group companies (L&T construction, L&T Power, L&T Hydrocarbon, L&T- S&L, L&T-Chioda, L&T-Valdel).
    • COWI
    • Jacobs
    • Reliance Industries
    • DOW
    • Technip FMC
    • Petrofac
    • ISGEC Heavy Engineering
    • Thermax
    • BHEL
    • EIL

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