Advanced Sheet Metal Design

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What will I gain from this course?

Deep knowledge on NX Sheet metal Design with Sheet metal Design Rules.

Who can take this course?

  • Engineering Graduates
  • Design Engineers, and Manufacturing Engineers who wants to know how to create sheet metal parts using Siemens NX.

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What will you learn each week?

Week 1 - Course introduction

The Sheet Metal application provides an environment for the design of sheet metal parts used in machinery, enclosures, brackets, and other parts normally manufactured with a brake press.

NX sheet metal design software incorporates material and process information in sheet metal-specific modelling features: bends, flanges, tabs, cutouts, beads, dimples, louvers, corner and edge treatments, patterns and other formable features.

You can also quickly convert solid models to sheet metal components, and create sheet metal parts that enclose other components.


Week #2

Tabs are flat profiles on a sheet metal part that serve as either the base feature or an extension of an existing flange, known as a secondary tab.

This command creates a base feature by extruding a sketch along a vector by a thickness value or adds a material to a plane face.


Week #3


Adds a flange to an angle to a planar face and adds a bend between the two.

Week #4  

Contour and Lofted Flanges

Creates a base feature by extruding a sketch along a vector, or adds material by sweeping a sketch along an edge or chain of edges.

Lofted Flange

Creates a base or secondary feature between two sections where lofted shape is a linear transition between the sections.


Hem Flange:

Modifies the model by folding the edge of a sheet metal flange over onto itself for the purpose of safe handling or to increase edge stiffness.

Week #5


Break Corner:

Rounds a sharp corner.

Closed Corner:

Closes a corner where two adjacent flanges meet by extending the bends & flanges.

Three Bend Corner

Three Bend Corner allows you close a corner where three bends meet at an intersection.

The sweep angle of the bend must be less than or equal to 90 degrees.


Bend Taper

Bend Taper removes material at an angle from the bend, band and web, or chain of child features.

Week 6 - Bends

Bends modifies the part by bending the material based on reference geometries.


Week 7 - Punches

Punch adds a sheet metal feature based on the punch tool body.


Week 8 - Form operations

In this module, you will learn the techniques of rebend and unbend.


Weeks 9-12 - Advanced Sheet Metal Features

In this module, you will put together all the concepts that you have learnt so far.

Advanced flange


Lightning cutouts

Class timings

You can literally start this class today. 

The course is a combination of recorded classes and support. 

  • Each week, you will get a set of videos that you need to watch
  • As you watch the videos, work on challenges
  • If you have questions, attend our online offfice hours

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