Advanced Sheet Metal Design

Rs 30,000

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casing Design

Follow the slides given below and create the casing as shown in the picture


Box - Assembly

Use the PDF given in the challenge section to come up wth a box as shown in the figure.

Dimple Using solid punch

This challenge will help you understand the workflow in creating a dimple with a solid punch.


Creating Bends

This challenge will make you create Bends in multiple ways, You will use different sheet metal operations to come up with different kinds of beads.


Follow the PDF to create Beads as mentioned there convert your file in to step file and upload it here.

Odd shaped Enclosure - workflow

This challenge will teach you how to develop odd shaped enclosures.

You will learn the industrial work flow involved in creating these odd shaped enclosures

Creating a Metal bracket from a 2D-Drawing

In this challenge you will use the given 2D- drawing to create the metal bracket.

Creating a Metal bracket from 2D-Drawing part-2

In this challenge you will be creating a different Bracket using the provided 2D- Drawing.

Flattening and Forming

In this challenge you will use the flattening and forming command on a neutral CAD data.