Data Analysis and Visualization using R

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Top 5% of the class will get a merit certificate. Course completion certificate will be provided to all students who complete the course. You will receive both e-verified and hard copy of your certificates.


1. Cricket match analysis

  • Analyze the overall matches of IPL 2017 and predict the pattern in which teams and its respective player performance in IPL 2018

2. Retirement simulation

  • Compare on key metrics against industry norms. Analyze disparate databases to make comprehensive reporting. Determine results from enhanced data integration and define common data dimensions across different enterprises

3. Rainfall analysis

  • Analyze historical data and predict key weather and rainfall metrics for 2018

4. Decision support

  • Develop an interactive software-based system to help decision makers compile useful information from a combination of raw data, documents, and business models to identify and solve problems and make decisions. 
  • Projects will focus in the fields of healthcare and finance

Course Syllabus

Getting started with R programming

  • Motivation: Importance of visualization for decision making
  • Demo: text vs. table vs. plot
  • Demo: 1-variable plots, 2-variable plots and 3-variable plots
  • Installation of R and RStudio
  • Hands-on coding to get started with ggplot2
  • Project brainstorming discussion

Tidyverse and data pipelining

  • Data Frames, Vector types: character, numeric, factors
  • Tidy data
  • Data importing basics
  • Data cleaning basics
  • Data wrangling basics
  • Plot themes
  • Hands-on coding, assignment discussion, and project brainstorming discussion

Data manipulation

  • Handling missing values
  • Data reshaping
  • Data grouping operations
  • Vectorizations and summary functions
  • Built-in functions
  • For loops and conditional statements
  • Hands-on coding, assignment discussion, and project data collection discussion

Advanced Programming

  • String operations and regular expressions
  • Combining data frames
  • Functional programming
  • Map functions as an alternative to for loops
  • Hands-on coding, assignment discussion, and project coding help

Data Visualisation

  • Dates and times
  • Geographical maps
  • Advanced examples of one, two and three variable plots
  • Histograms, density plots and frequency polygon plots, continuous vs discrete, boxplots, dotplots, line,
    step and area plots
  • Hands-on coding, assignment discussion, and project coding help

Statistical layering

  • Advanced graphing techniques
  • Demo: adding statistics and layers in ggplot2
  • Hands-on coding, assignment discussion, and project coding help

Animations and reproducible reports

  • Creating animations, gifs, and reproducible reports
  • Demo: frames in ggplot2, reporting using RMarkdown
  • Hands-on coding, assignment discussion and project coding help


  • Introduction to interactive visualizations using shiny
  • Demo: sliders, dropdown, and other ui elements.
  • Web enabling ggplot2 and shiny visualizations
  • Hands-on coding, adding shiny elements to course project

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1 . How will the instructor teach?

Our instructors are industrial experts working in Fortune 500 companies. We partner with them to deliver the lectures online. You will be given access to recorded content and assignments each week.

2 . Are there any prerequisites for this course?

You should be pursuing B.E/B.Tech in Mechanical, Aerospace, Automotive, Production or Manufacturing

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Our support system is amazing!. You can read our reviews on Google to see this. We focus on one-on-one support which no one else does. We will communicate with you through WhatsApp messages/calls, individual online sessions and also in person.

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