Flow Simulation using SolidWorks

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Top 5% of the class will get a merit certificate. Course completion certificate will be provided to all students who complete the course. You will receive both e-verified and hard copy of your certificates.

Course Instructor


Sarangarajan Vijayraghavan Iyengar

Sarang has over 7+ years experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Combustion. His core area of expertise includes:

  • IC Engine CFD and Combustion
  • External aerodynamics and internal flow simulations
  • Numerical analysis and Programming

What will you learn each week?


CFD using SolidWorks Flow Simulation

In this course, you will learn how to use SolidWorks to simulate flow through systems. This course offers a gentle introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics and is a great way to get into this field without worrying too much about messy mathematics and numerics


Steady State Simulation of a pipe flow

  • Simulating flow through a pipe is a classical CFD problem. It offers insight on the various inputs that go into running a CFD simulation.
  • Grid dependency test
  • Introduction to parametric studies

Transient simulation of flow over a cylinder

  • In this module, you will simulate flow over a 3D cylinder.
  • You will capture vortex shedding and perform a grid dependency test.

Flow over a backward facing step

  • Model and simulate flow through a backward facing sweep
  • Study the effect of Reynolds number on the recirculation zone length
  • Grid dependency test

Flow over an airfoil

Simulate the flow over a 2D NACA airfoil and calculate the drag and lift forces for the various angle of attacks


Flow over an IC Engine Valve

  • Perform transient analysis at different valve lifts
  • Create a plot of lift Vs mass flow rate

Flow through a simple centrifugal pump

  • Use the MRF approach to simulate flow through a Centrifugal pump
  • Pump performance curve

Course conclusion and future steps

  • How to improve your knowledge in CFD
  • Future courses that you can take


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