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SolidWorks is a solid modeling computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering computer program that runs on Microsoft Windows. 

Skills that you will learn

Learn how to make mood boards, ideation sketches and presentational sketches and rendering. When you are ready, you will be all set to design your own chopper using Photoshop. It is recommended that you use a drawing tablet for the hand sketching videos.

Become a SolidWorks Pro

At the end of this course you will have the confidence to create any models that you want in SolidWorks. Whether you are a beginner or an individual with a decent amount of SolidWorks knowledge, this course you will give you the confidence to create any complex model in SolidWorks. You will discover how to model an amazing chopper from start to finish.

    PhotoView 360 and SolidWorks Visualize

    Now that you know to sketch the chopper using Adobe Photoshop, and how to model the Chopper in 3D using SolidWorks, all you need to learn is photorealistic rendering.

      With the tools that you learn from this class you will be able to work on amazing projects that will help in becoming a designer. Take a look at the final rendering that you will be able to do with this course


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      Top 5% of the class will get a merit certificate. Course completion certificate will be provided to all students who complete the course. You will receive both e-verified and hard copy of your certificates.


      Design, Modeling, assembly and Photorealistic rendering of an American Chopper

      In this project, you will be able to sketch and build an entire Harley Davidson bike using Solidworks.

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        What will you learn each week?

        Creating your very own mood board

        In this first module you will discover how to make a professional mood board in Adobe Photoshop. You will learn how to import & blend images, add watermarks and change colors. This module will help you create a professional mood board using Photoshop. You will learn to sketch an American chopper and render the image in 3D.

        Mastering Solidworks user interface

        Now that we have our sketch for our American Chopper, it is time to start designing it. Before getting into a lot of details, in this module we will first take some time and familiarize ourselves with the user interface of Solidworks Pro and also learn how to customize important shortcuts.

        Transmission Belt, Kickstand

        In this module you will start off by designing the transmission belt and kickstand of the Chopper. You will be using the following features:

        • Creating a 2D sketch
        • Draw circles and lines
        • Trim lines
        • Extrude
        • Extruded Cut
        • Thin Extrude
        • Loft
        • Dome
        • Fillet

        Oil Tank, Chain and Pedal Tutorial

        In this module you will design the Oil Tank, Chain and the Pedal of the Chopper. You will be using the following features:

        • Surface Extrude
        • Surface Trim
        • Surface Knit
        • Shell
        • Mirror
        • Curve Drive Pattern
        • Dome
        • Linear Pattern
        • Chamfer

        Front Wheel, Rear Wheel and Front fork tutorial

        In this module you will design the front and rear wheels first and then model the front fork of the Chopper. You will be using the following features:

        • Revolved Cut
        • Circular Pattern
        • Revolved Cut
        • Sweep
        • Shell
        • Projected Curve

        Who can take this course?

        Students, Professionals and Entrepreneurs

        • Students in SAE teams might find this course really helpful to convert their ideas into sketches and 3D models. Rendering them and showing photo realistic images will improve your sponsorship chances.
        • This course is a must for students who want to pursue Design and modeling as a career. The projects and challenges you complete in this coursework will create you a profile that will crack any job interview.
        • Professionals who want to build upon their existing SolidWorks skill sets and move forward to greater roles in the company.
        • Aspirants who want to pursue Masters of Science abroad. The projects will aid you in getting admission into the top universities

        Student Testimonials

        Our students love us! Read what they have to say below.

        Amazing course content. Genuine efforts by the instructor and entire organization to help educate students. I'll definitely recommend this course for Mechanical Engineers.

        Raj Mehta

        I had a good experience joining the course here. Mentors are friendly and they clear the doubts very well. In my experience during the course, I learned a lot of new concepts

        Abhinash Rajbanshi

        The quality of teaching and the approach was really nice. And their support team always ready 24*7 to help us in solving our problems.

        Amit Patel


        1 . How will the instructor teach?

        Our instructors are industrial experts working in Fortune 500 companies. We partner with them to deliver the lectures online. You will be given access to recorded content and assignments each week.

        2 . Are there any prerequisites for this course?

        You should be pursuing B.E/B.Tech in Mechanical, Aerospace, Automotive, Production or Manufacturing

        3. What kind of support I can expect?

        Our support system is amazing!. You can read our reviews on Google to see this. We focus on one-on-one support which no one else does. We will communicate with you through WhatsApp messages/calls, individual online sessions and also in person.

        4.  Will software be provided?

        We do not provide the software for this course. 

        5 . How can I use the letter of recommendation?

        You can use it for job search and higher education. Recommendation letters are given only for candidates that have performed extremely well.