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J N Tech Solutions

22 Jul 2021 - Still Now

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Bharat Electronics Limited (Management Block)

10 Feb 2020 - 15 Jul 2021


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Panimalar Engineering College

01 Jul 2015 - 03 May 2019

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Excel Global School

02 Jun 2014 - 02 Apr 2015


Excel Global School

04 Jun 2012 - 02 Apr 2013


Week -2

1.In solenoid block we can vary, spring constant and damper value is varied to analyse the performance of the       system. The simple working principle of door bel is that when switch is on, (i.e) battery is connected to the       solenoid. The Electromagnetic phenomena occur so…

Week - 4

1. In washing machine stateflow model, We take two inputs as power snd water. The output is each stage but here we use the finish block for output. So We require both power and water to be ON then all the other process will take place (i.e) Soaking, washing, rinsing & drying. If we give power and water equal to 1,…


AIM: The main aim of this model to find the relation between engine speed (RPM) vs Torque(Nm) Curve. Also here they have also designed BAJA ATV  model with CVT. ATV is ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLE which is designed by BAJAJ. So if we place CVT (i.e) Continuous Varial Transmission, we going to find the torque, Speed etc. Here…

Week-3 Challenge: ADVISOR Tool

Advisor tool is a tool develpoed by National Renewable Energy Laboratary (NREL). It is simulated by changing the values of parameters , also change different variety of motor, battery cell, auxillary source etc. So finally efficiency and emision of the vehicle at given parameter is found. Also we can change the drive cycle…

Week-4 Challenge WOT Condition Part-2

1. MAPPED MODEL: Data required for simulation and processing is in the form of lookup table data, which is configured with parts of engine, motor or generator. If lookup  table is available with us then the simulation becomes easier and gives the output based on it. So this model is also called as global based model.…

Week-6 Challenge: EV Drivetrain

1. The main purpose of Power converter is to control and process the flow of electrical energy based on the load connected to it. So the voltage and current can be controlled and delivered to loads.             Each power Electronic system conisist of 4 segments they are, input supply,…

Week-7 Challenge: DC Motor Control

1A. BLOCKS USED: IGBT: It is a semiconductor device controlled by the gate signal. Since IGBT contains Snubber circuit, it is a series combination of a resistor (Ron), inductor (Lon). So the switch is operated based on the value of gate signal also snubber circuit is connected in parallel to the IGBT. When Vce and Vg >0…

Week-11 Challenge: Braking

1.  Process of braking must follow the priciple of conservation of energy which states that the energy cannot be created nor detroyed but bonly it can be converted from one form to another.  Here i have to calculate the energy required for braking for a defined driving cycle. The excel sheet data is as follow.…

Project-1: Powertrain for aircraft in runways

PART-1 1.  Weight os aircraft is as shown below: MANUFACTURER'S EMPTY WEIGHT (MEW)Also called Manufacturer's Weight Empty (MWE) or Licensed Empty Weight It is the weight of the aircraft "as built" and includes the weight of the structure, power plant, furnishings, installations, systems and other equipment that are considered…

Week 1 Understanding Different Battery Chemistry

BATTERY TYPE CATHODE ANODE ELECTROLYTE LITHIUM COBALT OXIDE (LCO) lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2) carbon (C) Lithium hexaflurophosphate and Ethelene Carbonate LITHIUM IRON PHOSPHATE (LFP) LITHIUM IRON PHOSPHATE (LiFePO4) carbon (C) Lithium hexaflurophosphate and Ethelene Carbonate  LITHIUM MAGANESE OXIDE (LMO)  LITHIUM…

Week 7 State of charge estimation

1. Here it is asked to compare the 3 test results of BMS closed loop harness dashboard model. first test In this tesy its driving mode for 3000 seconds, then balancing mode for 1000 seconds, then charging mode for 5000 seconds, then the remaing 11000 seconds it is for standby mode i.e balacing mode. As the total simulation…

Project 1 Mechanical design of battery pack

Mechanical design of ANR26650M1-B cell to convert it into 18KWh battery pack Cell: It consist of a anode and cathode seperated by electrolyte. A battery is made of more cells.  Battery Pack: More battery module are arranged in series and parallel to provide the required electric energy for teh elctrical and electronic…

Project 2 Thermal modeling of battery pack

THERMAL BATTERY MODELLING: With the functional superiority of Lithium batteries over most of its other counterparts, it is undoubtedly a subject of extensive study. Thermal issues with these batteries, like having a high potential for thermal runaway and explosion under high temperature, always threaten the operational…

Project 2 Adaptive Cruise Control

ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL(ACC):   Adaptive cruise control (ACC) is an active safety system that automatically controls the acceleration and braking of a vehicle. It is activated through a button on the steering wheel and cancelled by driver’s braking and/or another button. Even the biggest car enthusiasts have journeys they…

Project 1 (Mini Project on Vehicle Direction Detection

      Vehicle Direction Detection            Vehicle detection and statistics in highway monitoring video scenes are of considerable significance to intelligent traffic management and control of the highway. With the popular installation of traffic surveillance cameras, a vast…

Course Certificates

Introduction to Physical Modeling using Simscape

Completion Certificate UID : eghlr5xm8sp3f7wn

Introduction to Hybrid Electric Vehicle using MATLAB and Simulink

Completion Certificate UID : 89i0f7cejvpqw4yh

Introduction to Battery Technology for Electric Vehicle

Completion Certificate UID : k05l37w8dvtzc4ur

Introduction to Model-Based Development using MATLAB and Simulink

Completion Certificate UID : vmu27c6ld0nx4es8