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ANSA Projects

Simulation of a backward facing step in OpenFOAM
In this project, I will be simulating an incompressible-laminar-viscous flow through a backward facing step. This will be solved using the software OpenFOAM running on Debian. The solver for this simulation was chosen to be icoFoam, I decided what solver to use from this guide on OpenFOAM's website This is from their guide,…
  • ANSA
  • BIM
  • CAE
  • CFD
  • CSS
  • DEM
  • FEA
  • GIS
  • HEV
  • HTML

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AIM: Surface meshing on a Pressure valve Objectives: To check for the geometrical errors. To perform Topology cleanup accordingly. To set three different target lengths as three different cases and mesh the model. To apply any one target length from the above at a time for the entire model as One case. To write a…
Aim- Given is a Ogden material card which is hyperelastic (rubber). Create a 10x10x10mm solid mesh and run a pure tensile run on it with stretch ratio of 5. Compare different element formulations of solids 1,-1,2,-2 and plot engineering stress vs stretch values.   Explanation- Since this simulation is happening…
Draft Analysis When a plastic component is made, we can observe that there is a draft angle given on each side from the base which is lesser than 90 degrees. This is because in the criteria of making a plastic material the mold should release the material when finished. if the mold surfaces are 90 degrees the material…
AIM : To find out the critical frequencies of a rotating shaft in Solidworks. OBJECTIVES : To create 3D model of a rotating shaft. To perform frequency analysis on the rotating shaft and find out the critical frequencies. INTRODUCTION : For a rotating shaft there is a speed at which, for any…
Case:  Mr. D.S. Pughazhyendhii is a married man who lives in Bangalore which is a highly crowded city. His Family comprises five members including his wife, five-year-old boy, his father, and his mother. He visits his native place Madurai which is 500kms away from Bangalore once in a month. Also, he will be using…
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