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ALIAS Projects

Week - 10 Hyperelastic Material Models
Aim- Use the given material data to build a hyper elastic material cards using Ls-Dyna. Build Mooney Rivlin and Ogden material card by finding their constants using d3hsp file. Perform uniaxial tensile test on Dogbone specimen with 100% strain (i.e. strain = 1) and compare the stress strain data in above cases. Theory-…
  • BIM
  • CAE
  • CFD
  • CSS
  • DEM
  • FEA
  • GIS
  • HEV
  • HTML

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Question 1: What is BIW & define its parts? BIW (Body in White) refers to the welded sheet metal components which form the vehicle structure to which the other components will be married, i.e., chassis, exterior trim, interior trim, & engine. Here the structure is unpainted. The BIW is still called white even though…
AIM:   To design Hood Inner Panel, Outer Panel and the necessary reinforcements by following the Master section and design parameters.       INTRODUCTION:   Hood Hood is the main component of a car at the front portion. It is used to decorate the car and add a luxurious look. The shape of the Hood…
Objective: Create code to display free edges, t edges and temp nodes for equivalence Procedure: 1. Create procedures for Free edges and t edges with possible null conditions 2. create procedure for deleting edges 3. create gui for buttons to display edges and remove edges   Code: proc freeedges {} {*nodecleartempmark…
                           ********************** Design and Assembly of YACHT  in Solidwork Aim & Objective Design and assembly of the yacht in solidework. To learn the surface modeling features in the solidwork. How to model and design using…
                                                                                    DRAFT ANALYSIS ON FAN…